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Arv - Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Vol. 64 - 2008

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Arv - Nordic Yearbook of Folklore Vol. 64 - 2008

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237 pages

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Arv, no. 64 - 2008

Arv utkommer med ett nummer årligen. Tidskriften innehåller, som undertiteln anger, artiklar som behandlar folkloristiska ämnen samt en omfattande recensionsavdelning. Alla artiklar är författade på engelska.

Christensen, Olav: Subcultural Commitment and its Consequeces – ”Totten Hard Core” Ten Years After.
Bjerrum Mortensen, Britta: Potent Traditions. On Traditions in the Family.
Arvidsson, Alf, Blomberg, Stefan, Carlquist, Jonas, Stenberg, Peder & Svensson, Patrik: Computer Games as Meeting Places and as Fiction.
Rogan, Bjarne: From Rivals to Partners on the Inter-War European Scene – Sigurd Erixon, Georges Henri Rivière and the International Debate on European Ethnology in the 1930s.
Gustavsson, Anders: Grief at the Loss of a Pet – As Exemplified by the Cat.
Beyer, Jürgen: Jürgen und der ewige Jude. Ein Lebender Heiliger wird unsterblich.
Ulfstrand, Anna: Making the Swedish National Day a Work-free Holiday – and its Use as a Day of Welcoming New Citizens.