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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2013

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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2013

A Journal for Nordic Ethnology

Soft cover
213 pages

Birgitta Svensson (red.)

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Ethnologia Scandinavica, no. 43

Ethnologia Scandinavica utkommer med ett nummer per år. Den innehåller artiklar om nordisk etnologisk forskning. Där finns även en omfattande recensionsavdelning. Artiklarna är huvudsakligen avfattade på engelska, men även tyska förekommer.

Svensson, Birgitta: Editorial.
Ytrehus, Line Alice: Identity, Intersectionality and Capabilities. Indigenous Identity Mobilization and Conceptualizations of Gender. Equity in the Bolivian Andes.
Hastrup, Frida: Classifying the Tropics. Nature Makers in Deep Water.
Humbracht, Michael & Povrzanovic Frykman, Maja: Making Palpable Connections. Objects in Migrants' Transnational Lives.
Damsholt, Tine: How Academic Bodies Matter. On Materialdiscursive Enactments of Gender in Academia.
Geschwind, Britta: The Museum Shop. Ideological Shifts in the "Miniature Museum".
Olsson, Pia: Feasting on Matter? Material Culture, Teenage Boys and Doing the Right Thing.
Jönsson, Lars-Eric: Writing History. Past and Future in Transforming Swedish Phsychiatry, 1970–1990.
Aasgaard Jansen, Karine: Post-colonialism and Otherness Re-examined: Irigaray, Réunion and Decolonisation through Inclusion.