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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2011

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Ethnologia Scandinavica 2011

A Journal for Nordic Ethnology

Soft cover
240 pages

Birgitta Svensson (red.)

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Ethnologia Scandinavica, no. 41

Ethnologia Scandinavica utkommer med ett nummer per år. Den innehåller artiklar om nordisk etnologisk forskning. Där finns även en omfattande recensionsavdelning. Artiklarna är huvudsakligen avfattade på engelska, men även tyska förekommer.

Svensson, Birgitta: Editorial.
Bringéus, Nils-Arvid: Forty Years of Ethnologia Scandinavica.
Nielsen, Niels Jul: Always on the Edge. Prostitution in Debate and Cityscape.
Koskinen-Koivisto, Eerika: Disappearing Landscapes. Embodied Experience and Metaphoric Space in the Life Story of a Female Factory Worker.
Lund, Kristina: The Communal Laundry. A Swedish Story.
Holst Kjær, Sarah: Home and the Longing for Easy Familiarity.
Nilsson, Gabriella: Age and Class in the Third Age. Talking about Life as a Mappie.
Otto, Lene: A Common European Identity. Cultural Heritage, Commemoration, and Controversies.
Österlund-Pötzsch, Suzanne: The Ephemeral Act of Walking. Random Reflections on Moving in Landscapes of Memory (Loss).
Eriksson, Rikard: Film Ethnography. A Sociocultural Analysis of Feature Films.